Inspection Solutions for Life and Fire Safety Managers

Developed Specifically for University and Hospital Campuses

There is no compromise when it comes to Life & Fire Safety.

With CampuSentinel site managers create their  own exception defaults, corrective action instructions and reporting formats.

CampuSentinel insures inspections were completed on time and exceptions were corrected and logged.

Manage By Exception

The “manage by exception” feature enables site administrators to customize the SOP’s, exception rules and responses for each inspection point. The customizable software suite also empowers the managers to  set up their own routes, points and exception instructions to be followed by inspectors for almost any incidence that may occur. Exceptions and corrective actions are all document and time stamped electronically.

Paperless Inspection

CampuSentinel is a hand held computer and barcode based paperless Inspection system that is easy to use. Once an inspection has been completed the information is downloaded to the server or your host computer.  Our system automatically generates reports at the managers desired intervals.

Smart Questions

Our customizable software program empowers site administrators to easily create smart questions with default, action required, action taken and custom notification announcements.   Specific standard operating procedures are easily created.

When an exception occurs your inspector is guided through responses and action that you define.  CampuSentinel is designed to be an intuitive, action platform ideal for non-technical personnel. This capability truly puts the “Manage back in Manager”.


The turn-key system includes the complete managers software kit, two  ruggedized hand held computers , our cloud (or client) based hosting, and a library of popular inspection reporting templates. The computers come with full comprehensive service agreement and software updates for 4 years. There are no hidden charges for adding additional asset inspection points, and can be extended to additional duties such as Security Patrol Checks and Laboratory Management.

e-Flex Reporting

Our Paperless reports are delivered  automatically by email on the schedule you define. All inspection data includes actions taken and time stamps.

Exception reports can be automatically forwarded to an appropriate department as configured by the site manager.

Compliance documentation is immediately accessible and can be adapted for specific reporting or exporting requirements. Standard reports include incidents, incident response actions, missed inspection points, daily activity reports, asset reports and cumulative results.

Asset Tracking

The locations of Life and Fire safety assets are continuously tracked. Mobile assets such as fire extinguishers are often rotated in/out service or storage status. The program allows for real time tracking and location logging of these assets.

“We moved from a pen-and-paper based inspection system and have enjoyed the advance to the 21st  century with the barcode-based  CampuSentinel. Our ability to track inspections and quickly pull out deficiencies with the exception reports has improved our compliance and we don’t have the same type of concerns about record-keeping. We used to generate a lot of paper that would just fill file cabinets but now it’s all maintained in the online system”.

Gus Porter
Manger Environmental Health, Safety and Preparedness
High Point University