CampuSentinel for Hospitals

CampuSentinel for Hospitals

hospital-smallHospital Fire and  Life safety managers are challenged with meeting complex security, safety and incident related processes and procedures. Compliance to Joint Commission – Environment of Care Standards (EC) is imperative.

The Joint Commission considers these facilities “defend in place” operations so critical that security, fire and life safety and process inspections include “elements of performance” that are reviewed during audits.  Healthcare facilities are required to clearly display consistent patterns of inspection compliance, documentation and deficiency correction.

CampuSentinel™  provides a powerful mobile data collection solution for administrators seeking to manage and automate their fire and  life safety elements of performance including  effective corrective action documentation of  deficiencies.  The system is  a powerful hand held computer based mobile software tool for security, fire life safety managers for automating mobile inspections, tours and incident reporting.

CampuSentinel™   is designed for reliable mobile use in the field utilizing ruggedized hand held  PDA’s with imbedded barcode scanners to collect data.  User defined locations or assets with bar codes are read using the mobile PDA’s to validate location and prompt question sets for complex or simple inspections.

CampuSentinel™  is configured so that customer defined standard operating procedures can be followed during inspections.  Daily, monthly or annual inspections, security, environmental tours, incident reporting, work order requests are handled with one user customer configurable system.

CampuSentinel™ is ideal for any and all of these inspection challenges

  • Fire Door Risers/Valves
  • Extinguisher checks
  • AED
  • Exit Signs
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Emergency Eye Washes
  • Handicap Doors
  • Blue Light Call Boxes
  • Annunciator Panels
  • Boiler/Chiller
  • Pool Safety
  • Lab checks
  • Maintenance work order requests
  • Incident reporting – Who, What, Where, When
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Call Boxes
  • Hydrants
  • Generator checks
  • Dampers
  • Elevators
  • Panic Bars
  • HVAC
  • Emergency phone checks
  • Video camera checks

The Joint Commission 2011 Elements of  Performance revisions introduced tougher requirements for healthcare fire and life safety inspections. CampuSentinel™  can help you meet these new requirements with the assurance that you are in full compliance

CampuSentinel™  daily activity logs and exception reports demonstrate the affirmative activity of security organizations while liability issues are reduced by structured and standardized recording of the incident and measurable proactive activities of your security and safety organization. Incident information reported from the field is configured to seamlessly flow into incident management systems while insuring accurate and complete information is collected in field.  Additional features give users other powerful benefits that include:

  • Logically driven question flows.
  • Default answers are validated, automated exception reports are configured and sent to managers for review.
  • Incident drop down menus insure fast and accurate prompts including who, what and where facts.
  • Corrective action notifications automatically alert facility, maintenance, housekeeping department uncovered issues.